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JuicE Wallet
A new way to interact with blockchain

JuicEwallet is the most secure way available to manage and transfer tickets, coupons, and vouchers on the JuicEchain blockchain network. Easily receive and manage tickets from multiple wallets, and switch between wallets. Wallet usage is fully anonymous. At no time is any personal information/data saved or stored within the Blockchain network.

Juicewallet application

Trading reimagined

The TGM web application makes it easy for customers selling digital assets on Marketplace. It was created as a custom content management system (CMS) that allows owners to sell their goods as modern digital assets.

TGM application

Rijeka Marketplace
Purchasing Simplified

Rijeka Marketplace is a web application that integrates the promotion and purchase of services and products for the city of Rijeka. It allows users to buy digital assets that can be used as tickets for different events. Rijeka Marketplace uses JuicEchain as a blockchain, which regulates instant asset exchange, secure data transfer, and the possibility to track every purchase. This is a perfect solution to the challenge of managing multiple sellers and diverse items in one place.

Marketplace application

Purchase and manage industry equipment
for your business

We built a web application with mobile app support that allows industries to maintain their equipment, manage inspections and inventories, and create specific reports for particular implementations. It includes a custom content management system (CMS) to support various administrative tasks as well, which makes it an ideal all-in-one product.

TGM application

Quality Circle
A new way to organize

QualityCircle is an organization management software solution built around blockchain technology. Coordinate your departments and personnel, keep track of their activities/education, and plan future qualification efforts and initiatives. QualityCircle uses JuicEchain to safely store your members’ qualifications as digital assets and makes them easily available through the JuicEwallet mobile app.

Quality Circle application

Imagine you project here

Blockchain is evolving technology for which new uses are constantly being explored. What makes blockchain so versatile is the ability to ensure transactions (nearly any interaction where data is updated) are secure and valid. It’s like having a database for which you can say with genuine certainty that the information is true and correct. Have you ever had a phone conversation where you were told, “I’ll update the system…” and you had your doubts.

CarlStahl application
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