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Our focus lies on decentralized business applications, backed by high scalable micro-services to shape our digital future.


Juice was founded in 2015 based on the ambitious goal to create an e-commerce platform that uses blockchain technology for the sale and distribution of digital assets. However it's not enough to just create a new platform. Scalability and interoperability are essential elements in any modern IT-landscape.

Since its foundation, Juice has continued to expand and grow rapidly. The fundamental flexibility built into our development approach has revealed time and again new and innovative ways for taking advantage of our technology to solve a myriad of issues across various and highly diverse industries.

Juice has devoted itself to providing elegant solutions to issues which previously seemed insurmountable or were rather accepted as the nature of things.

In short, we make things simple.

Mission statement

Our mission is to employ blockchain technology to create a commerce platform so secure that fraud, waste, and abuse are simply not possible, and to thus establish a digital framework for economic activity wherein trust and security are self-evident among all partners.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be an integral part of achieving and maintaining and unprecedented level of reliability in the provenance and exchange of goods, services, and information such that this inherent level of trust and transparency becomes a foundational part of all future economic and transactional activity.

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