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Blockchain is an evolving technology for which new use cases are constantly being explored - here are some of ours.

HNK Orijent 1919 APP
FAN Token & Ticket Purchases

Buy your tickets online, book your seats and share them with your friends on all channels. HNK Orijent's 1919 tickets are NFTs, uniquely issued for each event and personalized when stored in the app's wallet. Additionally, the app allows purchase and trade of the $ORI Token and future NFT use cases. You can follow the results of the matches live as well as the ranking, but also have an insight into a detailed overview of upcoming matches and events.

Decentralized Inspection Certificates

We have built a Web & Mobile App that allows industries to maintain their equipment, manage inspections, inventories and create specific reports. Inspection Certificates are distributed on a decentralized network, which allows 3dParty verification and a trusted event history.

Digital Eventhub +
Decentralized Ticketing

DEH+ is a Ticketing & Guest Management Platform, completely realized on blockchain technology. Tickets can be securely distributed through partners while always traceable. The solution is used by Sky, Volkswagen und other customers of Sportfive.

Visitor App
Decentralized Local Marketing

The most innovative and feature-rich marketing and sales platform for destinations, tour operators, retailers and public institutions. VisitorApp wants to create a world in which all offers, events and activities in a region are easily accessible, bookable and shareable through Smart Contracts. This is the Web3 approach to decentralize business, currently ruled and controlled by centralized monopols.

Quality Circle
Decentralized Qualifications

QualityCircle is a qualification management software solution built around Blockchain technology. Coordinate your departments and personnel, keep track of their skills' and plan future qualification efforts and initiatives. QualityCircle uses Blockchain technology to safely store your members qualifications as NFTs and makes them traceable and verifiable, without a complex integration of 3rdParty systems.

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What makes blockchain so versatile is the ability to ensure that transactions (nearly any interaction where data is updated) are secure and valid. It’s like having a database for which you can say, with genuine certainty, that the information is true and correct.